Financial Aid


These are the forms you will need to apply for various types of financial aid at the College. All forms are in PDF format.
Declaration of Non Tax Filing & Earned Income (2016-2017)
Direct Loan Request Sheet (2016-2017)
Direct Loan Change Form (2016-2017)
Institutional Scholarship Application (2016-2017)
Parent PLUS Direct Loan Request Form (2016-2017)
Presidential Scholarship Application (2017-2018)
Presidential Scholarship Renewal Form (2016-2017)
Music and Dance Scholarship Form (2016-2017)
Gulf Shores Women's Club Scholarship Application (2016-2017)
GED Class Request Form
PACT Request form
Private Education Loan Application (Self-Certification)
SAP Appeal Form (2016-2017)
Student Loan Information Sheet (2016-2017)
Authorization to Release Information (2016-2017)
Right to Cancel Loan – Student
Right to Cancel Loan – Parent
Insufficient Income (2016-2017)
Unusual Enrollment History (UEH) Form Code 2
Unusual Enrollment History (UEH) Form Code 3
60 Plus Scholarship Application
Work-Study Information Packet

Work-Study Forms 2016-2017 (All three below must be completed)

If you have been notified that you need to submit a verification form, you can find it below.  All forms are in PDF format

V1-Dependent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V1-Independent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V4-Dependent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V4-Independent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V5-Dependent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V5-Independent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V6-Dependent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)
V6-Independent - Verification Worksheet (2016-2017)