What is a QEP?

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is developed and submitted as part of a college's reaffirmation for the accreditation process.  It is a collegewide, five-year action and implementation plan this is designed to enhance student learning.  "QEPs are carefully constructed, research-based plans that respond to specific student needs and involve faculty and staff in planning and implementation."  A QEP identifies an area of student learning and develops strategies to strengthen performance in that area.  The QEP will be a focal point during the on-site review by SACSCOC, the accreditation agency.

The College is a comprehensive community college committed to the educational excellence and to individual and community enhancement. 

QEP Title:

  • Write On

QEP Topic:

  • Effective writing was chosen as a topic that would enhance learning by enabling the students to communicate and express themselves in all subject areas.

QEP Goals:

  • A QEP should identify and address critical issues related to student learning. 
  • The College Community agreed that the goal of improved writing skills would address such critical issues of expression, effective writing, and would enable students to demonstrate the achievement of course objectives through standard writing.
  • Students will form a thesis statement, write a clear paragraph and develop supporting sentences measured by the correct use of grammar.

QEP Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will enhance their writing skills through practicing: correct verb forms, subject/verb agreement, tense shift, pronoun cases, sentence fragment, sentence completion, punctuation and the use of confusing words.

The College’s QEP will be measured using a pre-test and post-test to analyze change in student’s writing skills. 

A Write On computer lab and tutoring services will be added to the Language Arts Division for student support in effective writing habits.