What is a QEP?

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is developed and submitted as part of a college's reaffirmation for the accreditation process.  It is a collegewide, five-year action and implementation plan this is designed to enhance student learning.  "QEPs are carefully constructed, research-based plans that respond to specific student needs and involve faculty and staff in planning and implementation."  A QEP identifies an area of student learning and develops strategies to strengthen performance in that area.  The QEP will be a focal point during the on-site review by SACSCOC, the accreditation agency.

The College is a comprehensive community college committed to the educational excellence and to individual and community enhancement. 

QEP Title:

QEP Topic:

QEP Goals:

QEP Student Learning Outcomes:

The College’s QEP will be measured using a pre-test and post-test to analyze change in student’s writing skills. 

A Write On computer lab and tutoring services will be added to the Language Arts Division for student support in effective writing habits.