First Time College Students

Admission of First-Time College Students:

Applicants who have not previously attended any regionally accredited post-secondary institution will be considered first-time college students or “native” students.

Applicants must complete the Application for Admission form which may be obtained upon request from the Admissions Office of the College or on our Web site. Applicants should submit their application to the Office of Admissions, 1900 U.S. Hwy 31 South, Bay Minette, AL, 36507, as early as possible prior to the semester in which they plan to enroll. Prospective students may also apply online on the College’s Web site.

Admission to Courses Creditable “Toward an Associate Degree”:

To be eligible for admission to courses creditable toward an Associate Degree, first-time college students must meet one of the following criteria:

1. Applicants who hold a diploma (evidenced by an official transcript) issued by a regionally and/or state accredited high school are eligible for admission. Applicants who hold a certificate or any other award issued in lieu of a diploma are ineligible for admission.

2. Applicants who have attended a nonaccredited high school may be admitted upon presentation of a diploma (evidenced by an official transcript) indicating successful completion of courses of study on the secondary level and a minimum ACT composite score of 16 or a minimum SAT composite score of 780 or have passed the Alabama High School Graduation Exam.

3. Applicants who hold the Occupational Diploma or an equivalent diploma may be admitted upon presentation or a minimum ACT composite score of 16 or a minimum SAT composite score of 780.

4. Applicants who cannot comply with either of the above conditions may be admitted upon presentation of a Certificate of High School Equivalency (GED Certificate) evidenced by an official copy of scores from testing site. Applicant must hold the GED Certificate prior to the term of enrollment.

Students who meet one of these criteria shall be classified as “Degree-Eligible” students. The College may establish additional admission requirements to specific courses or occupational degree programs when student enrollment must be limited or to assure ability to benefit.

Unconditional Admission of First-Time College Students

For Unconditional Admission, applicants must have on file at the College a completed application for admission and either an official transcript from the high school attended or an official GED Certificate. All male students between the ages of 18 and 26 must show proof of registration with the U.S. Selective Service System in accordance with Act 91-584.

Conditional Admission of First-Time College Students

Applicants who do not have on file at registration all information required for unconditional admission may be granted Conditional Admission. No student shall be allowed to enroll for a second semester unless all required admissions records have been received by the College prior to issuance of first semester grades, the grades will be reported on the transcript, but the transcript will read CONTINUED ENROLLMENT DENIED PENDING RECEIPT OF ADMISSIONS RECORDS. This notation will be removed from the transcript only upon receipt of all required admissions records.