Housing Applications are now ONLINE via your INTERACT account!
New Online Housing Application Process

On March 22nd, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. the Housing Office will begin accepting on-line applications for Fall 2017/Spring 2018. Paper applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.  Students must have a current Student ID Number to apply.

The residence halls are not just piles of brick and mortar – here you can chart your course for an exciting future and meet people who will become lifelong friends no matter where you may go. College can be fun – and with a few guidelines campus community living is a place to build relationships, discover your real potential, and develop your world view.

The College offers its residential students convenience, comfort and security while they take college classes and participate in community life on a college campus.  Sports events, dances, intramural sports, movies on the quad, theater productions and school academic, social & community organizations galore; a student can become as involved as he or she wishes– the opportunities abound. Living on campus simply makes life easier!

Sun Chief Hall

The cost of a room in Sun Chief Hall for one year is $5,800.00 ($2,900.00 per academic term) and includes a meal plan in the Sun Chief Grill.

The average bedroom size is approximately 18′ x 18′ with each room consisting of two bedrooms and a bathroom. The bedrooms each have a full size closet; one bedroom has a sealed window with horizontal mini-blinds. Both bedrooms have cable TV access (provided by the College) as well as internet access. Provided furniture includes a standard twin sized loft bed with a three drawer under-bed chest, a five-drawer chest with a locking top drawer (padlock or combination lock not provided), a four-drawer desk with cork board and desk chair, and a large wall corkboard. There is also enough space in the bedroom for a microwave and mini-fridge (not provided by the College). A limited number of special rooms for students with disabilities are available; please contact Linda Caldwell at 251-580-2121 for more information.

The common areas of the Sun Chief Hall include such amenities as four gas fireplaces, a TV/media room, a game room, a kitchenette, laundry facilities, and a computer lab.

Thompson Hall

A newly renovatedresidence hall is also located on the Bay Minette Campus.  The cost of a room in Thompson Hall is $5,400.00 ($2,700.00 per academic term) and includes a meal plan in the Sun Chief Grill. Accommodations in Thompson Hall are en suite – two two-person bedrooms sharing a bath. Provided furniture includes a standard twin sized loft bed, a two drawer dresser, desk and chair, and a wardrobe with three drawer combination. There is also enough space in the bedroom for a microwave and mini-fridge (not provided by the College).

The common areas of Thompson Hall include such amenities as TV/game rooms on each floor with video games, a computer lab, laundry facilities, and a lobby area for students.

In both halls, smoke detectors and fire alarms are located in each room. Security personnel monitor cameras located in all hallways in strategic locations throughout the buildings. And there are Campus Police Officers on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residence Hall Handbook

The nature and quality of the environment in which you live are a great part of your college experience.  In planning, staffing, and operating our residence halls, we seek to meet your needs in every way possible. Residential student organizations such as the RHA (Residence Hall Association) offer additional amenities and programs that make the residence halls a great place to live. Getting involved with RHA will give you the opportunity not only to make great friends and to develop your leadership skills and abilities, but also to assist in planning campus-wide events. Attendance at meetings gives students the chance to give input on residence hall policy issues.

Residence Hall Supplies List

2016-2017 Residence Assistants