Nursing Students Practice Disaster Management


"I did not know what to expect," one Nursing student said aloud in class after responding to a simulated mass casualty incident drill on the Fairhope Campus on July 6.

At Faulkner State, the Nursing Division practices new, innovative strategies to prepare students for life after the classroom.  The incident drill was one of two simulations nursing students had to "respond" to. 

The drills involved scenarios that nursing students may face in the workforce at some point in their careers.  The first was the mass casualty drill. 

Volunteer nursing students and faculty served as patient actors in the drill, and they opened the eyes of the responders as some of actors screamed for loved ones while others laid lifeless across the grounds of the campus. 

The second drill simulated a hospital emergency department that received multiple disaster victims at one time. 

It was the job of the second year, or senior, nursing students to respond to the "disasters" and provide medical assistance to the more than 30 victims. 

"Our students learned about disaster management and triage by participating in these drills," Nursing instructor Valarie Rumbley said.  "During both drill sessions, senior nursing students practiced critical thinking, communication, prioritization, delegation and rapid treatment of patient actors."

By subjecting students to drills such as these, the Nursing faculty expose students to potential scenarios they may face later in life while also having an opportunity to practice the skills and knowledge they have obtained so far in the program.  As a result, Faulkner State's nursing students rate highest in the State of Alabama in their National Council (of State Boards of Nursing) Licensure Examination (NCLEX).  For the past two years, Faulkner State nursing students (more than 100 individuals) have achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the NCLEX. 

For more information on the Nursing Program at Faulkner State, call 251-580-2257.  

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