Housing Applications For Fall 2016 Are Now Available!


The Housing Application is now available ONLINE via your Interact Account.

Housing applicants must have an FSCC issued Student ID number – To avoid unnecessary delays -Students without a valid FSCC Student ID should apply to FSCC Admissions to secure a Student ID.  The Student ID number will pre-populate portions of the required Housing Application information. 

You will be required to change your 6-Digit default password on Interact once you log on.

To access the Housing Application Form, select the "Housing Application" link in Interact.

*Please Note: Students younger than 19 must provide parent/guardian information or the application process will not continue.

All sections of the application should be completed in order to provide the most accurate information for the housing assignment.

Roommate preference may be requested. If housing is assigned, we will make every attempt to honor the request but cannot guarantee it due to availability.

The final step is payment of the $50 Application fee.  After submission the Interact pay screen will display with payment information. (Returning students may have other charges showing, but placing a check in the box beside the application fee will contain the transaction to payment of the application fee.) Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to pay by secure means using credit card method.**

The application will be placed on the Housing List at the time/date of its receipt. If the application is completed the student will receive a notice, “Thank you for your application, received on (date).” If a problem is detected, the student will receive a pop-up notification that says, “The application process cannot be completed at this time. Please contact the Housing Office at 251-580-2247. “

**If payment by credit card is not possible, the Housing Office will accept payment by cash, check or Money Order NO LATER THAN 3 BUSINESS DAYS OF THE DATE OF APPLICATION. After that point, the application will be removed from its position on the Housing List and held until receipt of payment. The application will then be added to the end of the Housing List. **

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