Fairhope Amphitheater In the Works


The John L. Borom Center in 2010.  Memorial Hall in 2012.  With continued growth, what’s next for Faulkner State Community College?  A state-of-the-art, outdoor amphitheater on the Fairhope Campus, that’s what.

In the past three years, Faulkner State Community College has made tremendous changes to its campuses to accommodate the growth in enrollment and student services.  Thanks to a $100,000 IMPACT 100 Baldwin County grant, which was awarded on November 3, Faulkner State can continue plans for the new facility on the Fairhope Campus, which will benefit the College, its students and the community.

This performing arts amphitheater will mesh nicely with the ambiance of Fairhope, which embraces lifestyles of the arts.  The new facility, which will accommodate 1,000 patrons, will provide a needed space for family-friendly events, such as concerts, movie showings and theater performances.  It also will be available for community use for events such as the Fairhope Arts & Crafts Festival and the Fairhope Film Festival.

Faulkner State President Gary L. Branch says this facility is quite symbolic.

“This is another example of the unique and wonderful ‘town and gown’ relationship Faulkner State enjoys with Fairhope and Baldwin County,” Branch said.  “Many of our facilities, even our Fairhope and Gulf Shores Campuses, were established from contributions from local sources.”

The 10-acre location of the Fairhope Campus was provided by the Fairhope Single Tax Colony.  From that point on, Faulkner State has received generous support from the community to construct facilities, such as Centennial Hall, the Administration and Classroom Building and the Borom Center for Health and Natural Sciences.

“Support from organizations, such as IMPACT 100, and other community sources continuously keep our campus growing, which is needed given the vast increase in population for the City of Fairhope and surrounding areas,” Branch said.

IMPACT 100 Baldwin County is an organization comprised of women from Baldwin County who seek to enhance the county through arts and culture; education; environment, preservation and recreation; family and health and wellness.  Each year, members vote to provide worthy non-profit organizations with a $100,000 grant.  This year, there were five finalists, and three received grants.

The amphitheater is scheduled for completion in 2014.

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