EMS/Paramedic Program Receives Simulator


Instructors in the Emergency Medical Services and Paramedic programs at Faulkner State received extensive training on their new Mediman Simulator.  Through an $85,000 grant by the Governor's Office of Workforce Development, Faulkner State was able to purchase the simulator at no additional cost to the College or to its students.   

"By having this grant, we were able to purchase the simulator without charging simulation fees or other training costs to our students, which many colleges and universities are now implementing," Vince Parker, Faulkner State Paramedic instructor said.   

While Mediman is similar in look to the popular iStan used by the Faulkner State Nursing Program, Mediman is customized for pre-hospital paramedic training and simulation. 

"The realism and portability of the manikin provides a better opportunity for graduating EMT and Paramedic students to transfer what is taught in the classroom to the public they will be serving," Parker said.

Mediman was purchased from CAE Healthcare, and the training was provided by Richard Low.

With more than 38 students currently enrolled in the Paramedic program, Faulkner State's paramedic numbers continue to rise.  In the Fall, the College pinned 17 paramedic graduates ready for the workforce. 

Students in the program represent several counties surrounding the College, including Baldwin, Mobile and Escambia (AL) counties. 

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