Christmas on the Coast Thanks


Thank you to the Fine Arts Division and students for a wonderful Christmas on the Coast this year!  More than 400 people attended the event to visit Santa, drink hot chocolate and watch a fantastic show by our talented students. 

Cast:  Jeremy Richardson, Alisha Arnold, Ty Fleming, Kate Lloyd, Austin Hall, Ashlyn Dickerson, Jesse Chandler, Bunny Yost, Blakely Barnes, Hannah Rhodes, Jermarkus Wilder, Alex Roberson, Nathan Grant, Christina Kidd, Queen Patterson, Sherron Baggins, Roy Keaton, Ariel Walker, Claire Minor, Esteban Arellano and Marcus Baggins.

Stage Manager - Mack Holman
Scenic Designer - Kyle Woodham

Chorus:  Hannah Sullivan, Kayle Schindler, Chandler Brown, Ty McReynolds, Kayla Schindler, Meagan McNair, Adam Meshejian, Jasmine Owens, Jamarcus Smith-Bouler, Sarah Baber, Taylor Moody, Savannah Coy, Cethia Scott, Carley Dean, Molly Barnett and Jalen Antone.

Band:  Trey Andrews, Devin Blackledge, Zachary Evans, Charles Gullette, Dan Palmer, Nolen Tedder, Jase Wade, Zachary Dunning, Lucas Griffin, Jennings Halliday, Kendrick Williams, John Rocker, Curtis Williams, Michael Boon, Matt Cazalas, Aerial Flanagan, Jesse McKinney, Devin Pavlou, Julian Truxillo, Quinten Ayers, Whitney Evans, Mady Mayrose, Ryan Phillips, Jaime Pinkard, Adam Waddle and Ryan Wright. 

Theater Director - Joe Fusseli
Choreographer - Kathryn Felis
Audio/Visual Assistant - Chase Skinner
Musical Director - David Ayers
Audio/Visual - Buddy Brock
Photography - Sara Godwin
Chair, Fine Arts Division - Leslie Pritchard Simmons

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